Devi’s news report proposal

17 09 2009

Coffee in melbThe news report to be researched and developed aims to investigate the supposedly overrated coffee culture in Melbourne as reported in ‘True brew’, a recent article in The Age. Since the article also claims one gets better coffee in Sydney as opposed to Melbourne, the opinion of the general public and international tourists who have visited both states apart from that of various coffee associations and the city’s acclaimed cafes alone would be looked at- that which the article failed to consider. Documentary sources include the article which provides an insight into the possible aspects to be covered in the proposed news report while functioning as a reference piece to refer to for generating ideas on possible interviewees. Another documentary source is ‘Melbourne Coffee Review’, a website where people from all over the world post entries on Melbourne’s coffee and its coffee culture in comparison to that of home countries or various destination countries. This source is of high credibility as the posts entered are not only by Australians but by people from almost all over the world who have visited Melbourne and in some cases, various other parts of Australia as well. The official website of ‘Australasian Specialty Coffee Association’ is another useful source which provides contacts of professionals in the industry whose comments on the issue would be of relevance. Confirmed face-to-face interviews include Steve Agi, the director of ‘Melbourne Coffee Review’ and the president of ‘Australasian Specialty Coffee Association’. These interviews aim to provide a balanced view on the issue by looking at the issue at both national and state level. Vox pop on the issue would also be included in the multimedia webpage where the news report will eventually be posted. The news values of the proposed news report include timeliness, human interest, conflict and proximity as it is certainly a recent report that would be of interest to not only people of Melbourne or Australia in general but also, to people almost all around the world as coffee is something most people could relate to and the fact that the news report deals with the element of conflict between the traditional rivalries Sydney and Melbourne also adds to its news worthiness.

Tools to be used for researching the news report include various articles (e.g. ‘True brew’ in The Age) which are relevant to the issue looked at in the proposed news report and also, the official websites of various associations such as ‘Melbourne Coffee Review’ and ‘Australasian Specialty Coffee Association’. These tools aid in researching on the possible aspects to be covered and in gathering relevant information on potential contacts to be interviewed. Various blogs and websites such as Delicious, igoogle and twitter could also be used while researching as these tools present relevant information which would be of great help in fostering a greater understanding of the issue to be tackled. In doing so, one is presented with not only recent information but also, that which have been archived. This allows one to delve into past assumptions and records on Melbourne’s coffee culture and its coffee standards when comparing that of to the present.

Black and white 2

Tools to be used for developing the news report include vox pop so as to present the opinion of the general public and international tourists who have visited both Sydney and Melbourne and also, video footages of various interviews conducted as only parts of the interviewees’ response will be cited in the news report itself. In doing so, a balanced view of both sides to the coin will be presented. Flickr is another great tool which would aid in searching for relevant pictures to be used in the layout of the news report. A hyperlink to the various associations looked at while researching on the news report and relevant articles and information on blogs and websites such as Delicious, Tweeter and igoogle will also be established. A Google map locating the highly recommended coffee places in Melbourne based on research and vox pop is another tool which will be used in developing the news report.




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