Karla, Maria, Devi and Rebecca would like to welcome you to their blog.

Here we’ll focus on travel information ranging from where to go, to breaking travel news. If you are desperate to travel to the Land of Oz, read our blog and jump on a plane over here, because you’ll be more than prepared. Locals who want to travel within Australia will be catered to as well.

Devi tastes her way around Melbourne to keep you up to date on where the best coffees can be found. She’ll compare them to grinds from around Australia, in particular, Sydney. Devi will investigate the question of whether Melbourne can truly claim to have the best coffee in Australia.

Rebecca is taking a look at the hottest travel destination this year – Tasmania’s Bay of Fires. There’s a serious struggle going on down there over the ownership of the stretch of beach – should it be deemed national park land and as a result be protected land, or is it the rightful land of the Aboriginal people?

Maria is investigating the misfortunes of travel; what can go wrong when you step outside your front door. She will particularly focus on George Dobson, a disabled man who cannot leave India. Young travelers in particular should be wary and Marias story will tell of the worst that can happen.

Karla will delve into the seedy world of schoolies. Her tell all story will be a cautionary tale to schoolies – how to keep safe when you go away for the break after year 12. If your parents are worried about you running off to the gold coast, Karla will give you some quieter, but equally fun options of where to spend your schoolies week.

If you are young and have been bitten by the travel bug, we’ll soothe those symptoms and keep you hungry for more.
Globe Trekkers.


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10 09 2009


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